Questions about your rental guarantee?

What's the difference between a rental guarantee and a bank deposit?

Taking out a rent guarantee insurance gives your landlord/agency the same security, without you having to block the money in a bank account.

Release formalities are simpler. In the event of a claim, the insurance company pays the management/lessor as soon as it receives the necessary supporting documents.

Is my landlord or management company obliged to accept insurance coverage?


Nonetheless, the companies on offer work with some of Switzerland’s biggest advertising agencies.

For a management/lessor, an insurance guarantee is as reliable as a bank deposit.

I'm already a tenant and I've blocked 3 months' rent in a bank account. Can I have it back?

Of course you can. Simply apply for a rental guarantee.

We will issue your guarantee certificate, forward it to your landlord/management company, who will then release your bank deposit. Your money will be returned to you.

Can I cancel my rental guarantee insurance contract?

Cancellation is possible at any time.

Simply ask your landlord to return the original warranty certificate.

Please note: some companies charge fees.

If I move during the year, do I have to pay a premium for a full year?

No, the premium is calculated on a pro-rata basis from the beginning of the lease to the end.

In the final year, if you leave during the year, the difference is reimbursed.

Will the premium I pay be used to pay the rent guarantee?


Your premium covers any damage to the property or rent arrears up to a certain amount for the duration of the contract.

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