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Don’t want to tie up your money unnecessarily? We offer you a rent guarantee at the best rate in Switzerland. Take the time to compare and come back to us once you’ve made your choice.

With MyCautionLoyer®, everything happens online! You send us the information and receive your rental deposit within 2 working hours, between 8am and 5pm.

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I need a rent guarantee at the best price

Don’t tie up your money and let us find you the best-priced rental guarantee.

I already have a rent guarantee, but I’m paying too much.

Ask us for a free quote. We can also take care of all the formalities with your property management company.

I have a bank deposit and would like my money back

Unlock your money by transforming your bank deposit into an insurance guarantee. We take the necessary steps.

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Damien Z.

I compared several platforms and found the best price here. They called me not even 10 minutes after my request, simple and efficient.

Stéphanie V.

Not found cheaper than here, so I can only recommend. A call to confirm that my file had been accepted and the police confirmation received in the same breath.


Great contact after my online request. The person called me and answered my questions. Everything went very quickly and was perfect, thank you.

Marc M.

Very good service. I sent the copy of the lease in the form and received the policy barely 15 minutes later, that's fast ^^ Thank you everything worked perfectly.

Paulo D.

I searched a lot of websites and couldn't find anything cheaper. An offer of 150 fr. for my rent guarantee, too good! It was that fast.

Your partner for rental deposit

Since 2018, we have helped thousands of fellow citizens 🇨🇭 by always offering them the best deals on the market for their rent deposit.

Today, it's your turn to need our services, and we look forward to carrying out our mission.

Based in Switzerland, we work with complete transparency, and your satisfaction is our greatest reward.

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Are you in a particular situation and need clarification before taking out a rental guarantee?

Do you have any questions about the underwriting process or how a rental guarantee works?

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have about your rental guarantee.